Southwest Media Communications has been Arizona's travel site advertising leader since 1996. is the top organic search engine page result for the most popular Grand Canyon-related searches, including Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Arizona and Grand Canyon AZ. What's more, is the number one result or in the top 5 results for thousands of other keyword phrase searches in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Take advantage of our outstanding position and market your business on and our other "Travel Sites to be Seen." We'll deliver low-cost, quality, targeted click-throughs to your website month after month. Online Marketing Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I advertise on is the Grand Canyon area's leading source of low-cost click-throughs to our advertisers' web sites.

For more than ten years, over 200 tourism-related businesses in Sedona and the Grand Canyon have relied on Southwest Media Communications and to generate valuable low-cost, quality click-throughs to their web sites.

How can I get my business listed on
Just call us at 602.748.4584 Option 1 to talk with us about your online marketing needs. We're real people. We're local. We're experts.

How much do you charge to advertise on
While we do have standard rate card pricing, we find that every business' needs are unique, and we appreciate the opportunity to create a total campaign. Call 602.892.4766 or email us for a custom quote for your business. We can tell you that we offer flat-rate monthly pricing starting as low as $50/month, and our most popular ad type costs about the same as two nights in a typical Grand Canyon hotel.

What will I get for my money?
Email us for details on all our ad types. The number of click-throughs your ad will generate depends on the ad type, and the subcategory and category in which it's placed. In short, our Editor's Picks in our most popular lodging and tours categories usually get between 550 - 800 click-throughs per month.

So where will my ad show up?
We have subcategory pages and category pages to fit almost any travel & tourism business in the Grand Canyon area; sometimes there's even more relevant pages from which to choose!  First, you'll select a main category (check out the categories over there on our left hand navigation) PLUS one of the subcategories contained in your chosen category. You can even upgrade your ad to appear on the home page, based on availability.

Is there a commitment? Do I have to sign a contract?
There are no contracts! We just ask that if you decide to cancel, you request a full 30 days before your next billing cycle.

What are the payment terms?
We accept major credit cards and automatic bill pay. We offer pay-in-advance incentives. We also can arrange monthly billing and net 30 terms upon credit approval.

What's the advantage to marketing on versus other online marketing like Google AdWords or other travel portals?
Simple: We're the Grand Canyon's Most Cost-Effective Travel Site - GUARANTEED offers low flat-rate pricing to our advertisers. Because our advertisers routinely receive hundreds of click-throughs every month*, and our flat-rate pricing is so affordable, the resulting "Equivalent Cost Per Click" (ECPC) is often as low as 20-cents per click! So even though we don't actually charge per click, we coined the ECPC concept to help advertisers see all their online marketing - from PPC Search Engine Marketing on Google, Yahoo! or others to travel-related portals and directories - on an "apples-to-apples" basis. This is a great way to balance your marketing "portfolio;" keep the most cost-effective referrers (like and eliminate the non-performers.

We're so confident that we'll deliver an Equivalent Pay Per Click Cost that's 40 - 70% lower than relative search engine bids. In fact, we'll guarantee it**. With Grand Canyon internet marketing options priced from $50 to $295 per month, you're sure to find an advertisement that fits your business and your budget.

Call any one of us today to discuss your marketing and advertising options and our ECPC guarantee. We’ll answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you reach some of the +/- 4 million tourists that descend on our terrific destination each year…before they arrive… just as we have been doing for nine years in central Arizona.

Request a Media Kit and learn more about our advertising opportunities and how you can launch your Arizona internet marketing campaign today!


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