Grand Canyon Weather

Grand Canyon weather varies from rim to rim. The West Rim, located closest to Las Vegas, is the warmest year round and features the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Expect dry, hot temperatures on the West Rim during the summer, so stay appropriately protected from the sun and hydrated to make the most of your visit. The South Rim, the most popular rim to visit, enjoys moderate temperatures and can be accessed year round. The South Rim does get some snow in the winter, which often makes for a very special (and less crowded) time of year to see the Grand Canyon. The North Rim is the remote area of the canyon and gets quite a bit of snow in the winter, which is only open seasonally (May 15 - October 15). You'll notice that the average temperature at the Grand Canyon has anywhere from a 15-20°F (11ºC) degree difference between the top of the Grand Canyon and the inner/lower Grand Canyon. Staying hydrated, bringing shade and layering clothing for a wide range of temperatures is key to experiencing the Canyon safely.

Grand Canyon Weather By Season

Spring (March - May) & Fall (September - November) weather is cooler but conditions are variable. Rain showers to light snow is possible on the South Rim as the elevation is at 6,800 ft. with temperatures ranging from a low of 34ºF to a high of 62ºF. Average temperatures at Phantom Ranch in the inner-canyon ranges from a low of 55ºF to a high of 82ºF.

Summer (June - August) Temperatures are typically 80+ºF at the South Rim and a bit over 100ºF (38ºC) at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Winter (December - February) average temperatures on the South Rim range from a low of 20ºF to a high of 43ºF. Average temperatures at Phantom Ranch, range from a low of 38ºF to a high of 58ºF. The South Rim does stay open during the winter.

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