Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon is not just one of the seven wonders of the world but is a landscape nearly preserved exactly how it was when Teddy Roosevelt first set sight on it. He said that the Grand Canyon is a place "…every American should see". How did Teddy Roosevelt get to the Grand Canyon? By train of course! The Grand Canyon Railway has run from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon Village since 1901. The journey brings you past a variety of landscapes and there is plenty to do while you are on your way to the canyon. There are many types of car classes to choose from and in this way, you can make your journey as luxurious or as economical as you would like! Check around the holidays for events themed to the occasion such as the Polar Express for Christmas. The journey is a total of 2 hours and during this time keep your eyes peeled for wildlife because the landscape is full of them! Look out for deer, bald eagles, California condors, and more! This is one of the most popular Grand Canyon tour experiences and is great for the whole family.