Rim Trail

Most Accessible - Rim Trail


For those either not quite willing or possibly unable to venture below the rim, there is still a wonderfully pleasant trail that meanders like an apathetic, peaceful brook along 13 view filled miles of the South rim. Very few sections of this mostly paved trail will present obstacles for those in wheelchairs or un-inclined to be… well, inclined. The trail begins at the South Kaibab trailhead (the eastern most shuttle stop) and calmly works its way to its terminus at Hermits Rest.

Along the path, you can explore and ponder the vast geologic history of the Canyon, using the Trail of Time as your guide. Opened in 2010, this 1.3 mile section of the Rim Trail provides interpretive features, age markers, and samples from each layer to inform and intrigue. At the eastern head of this portion of the trail is the not to be missed Yavapai Museum of Geology. Heading west from the Bright Angel trailhead, be sure to look down and discover the fossil record that is literally at your feet! And, if you happen to have your bikes, you can ride along the western access road, making as many or as few stops as you would like on your 7 mile journey to Hermits Rest. Exercise, beauty and freedom from the shuttles, aaaahh!

  • Getting there: The Rim Trail can be accessed anywhere between the South Kaibab trailhead and The Village. For the most convenience, I suggest beginning at the shuttle stop located just west of the Bright Angel trailhead.
  • The Hike: 13 miles from start to finish
  • Elevation loss/gain: Negligible. Overall about 200 feet. Almost all sections are wheelchair accessible
  • Camping: None
  • Water: Do not be fooled by the seemingly easy trail. All visitors to Grand Canyon should have water in their hands! Water or Filling stations can be found at the South Kaibab trailhead, Geology museum, Hermits Rest and Grand Canyon Village.

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