Shoshone Point

Best Winter Vista - Shoshone Point


So you want to combine the unbelievable views of snow at the Grand Canyon, some good ol’ winter time exercise and seclusion from the large crowds. We almost hate to give this one up but for those with a passion for some snow travel, this is a unique experience worth sharing. So strap on your snowshoes or clip into your cross country skis and pack some snacks, water and a pocketful of smiles for this quick, rewarding trip.

Shoshone Point is a vista located at the end of a jutting peninsula East of The Village that provides never-ending views that inspire family reunions and weddings every year. There is a large Ramada complete with BBQ and restrooms at the point that can be reserved from May to October but this is not your adventure! You my friend will most likely have the place to yourself, or an intimate group of friends or family.

The path follows a fairly flat graded dirt road under large old-growth Ponderosa pines for one mile to its terminus along the rim. If there happens to be no tracks before you, with decent navigational skills, you should be able to follow the path of least resistance along the broken vegetation of the road. Once at the point, take your views well off the edge of the rim as snow accumulation may create some False Ledges! Enjoy the uncommon display of colors blanketed with white and the isolation of just you and the Canyon. And if you happen to see me and my wife, we will gladly share a mug of hot cocoa.

  • Getting there: Take the Desert View Drive 1.2 miles east of Yaki Point (just beyond mile marker 244) and look for the unmarked pulloff on the north side of the road. Park here and begin your journey at the closed gate.
  • The Hike: Trailhead to Shoshone Point = 1 mile one-way
  • Elevation loss/gain: Slightly uphill on the way in, fun on the way out!
  • Camping: None
  • Event Use Permits: up to one year in advance,
  • Water: BYOW (Bring Your Own Water), restrooms locked during off-season

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