Lake Havasu Hotels

Lake Havasu City, home of the famous London Bridge, is an oasis town in the middle of the desert. Staying at a Lake Havasu City hotel or resort when visiting the West Rim of the Grand Canyon makes for a unique experience. Lake Havasu City is approximately 130 miles from where many of the Grand Canyon West Rim tours begin. Expect it to take about 2 hours and 20 minutes by car to get to Grand Canyon West. Lake Havasu City offers gambling in casinos and even beachfront accommodations where you can dock your yacht. From water fun to golf, dining, and casinos with live entertainment, Lake Havasu City is one of the more popular places to stay when visiting the Grand Canyon West Rim. There's more to do here than in Kingman even though it's a further drive from the canyon. Depending on your vacation goals, budget and time constraints, consider staying at a hotel in Lake Havasu City to get a little more out of your Grand Canyon West Rim adventure.

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